Important tips for the Health of Women

Everyday the life is becoming more faster and stressful. the diseases are also increasing each and everyday. Specially women are more effected by diseases as compared to man. so its very important for women to look after their health. Women are more effected by disease because they have less calcium and Vitamin D. so women extremely need these two things.

Women need  a life that is not obese. they must keep themselves away from unhealthy diets and fatness. these two things can cause breast cancer in the women. Women must also drink alots of Water daily around 2.5 liters daily. less water also effects your health even your skin. Vitamins are also very important for your health. and if you are pregnant remember to take complete nutrition it will give good effect to your baby. in pregnancy different types of Yoga and exercises are also required everyday. if women will follow all these tips it will effect their health very properly. i hope that my post was helpful for you.
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