Bad Effects of Eating more than need on our Health

Food is necessary for a human to live. but the food we eat must be according to our need if we will eat more or less then the requirement of our body it will effect our health. today i am going to discuss the bad Effects of Eating more than need on our Health. many people eats excessive food due to their habit or sometimes if food is more tasty which effects their health. following are 4 bad effects on your body of eating more than need.
1 eating excessive food makes your blood dirty.
2 if you have a diseases in your body excessive food will increase that disease.
3 excessive food effects nervous  system of our body.
4 excessive food elements effects your belly and mind.

many people have a misconception that the more we eat if increase the power of our body that is a absolute wrong thinking excessive food never increase the power of your body but effects it. Make your heart strong and eat less according to your need you may first feel difficulty in controlling yourself but if you will do it you will get a good health. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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