Doing Heavy Breakfast for a good day

For a good day and to show good progress all the day doing a good breakfast is very important. not doing a proper breakfast effects your healths and day progress very much. Freedrak Sondron writes first i use to do an heavy breakfast later on i started to reduce it and use to eat only one toast and a cup of coffee. it started to effect my health and i went to Doctor. Doctor told me to good breakfast.

most of people do very less breakfast and cannot do work rightly all the day. this less food is not enough for the hard work you have to do all the day. and when they comes back they eats good food in dinner which was needed to eat at breakfast.

many experiment about this are done and it is found if a person do good breakfast it keeps his health good, mentally fit and happy. so i will advice all the people to take a heavy breakfast don,t go to office or school by just taking a piece of toast. So Eat properly a heavy breakfast to have a nice happy and Fresh day.
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