Danger of Drug Oxi

If you do not know the drug oxi, should hear about it in the near future. Coming from Bolivia and Peru, the drug entered the Acre in Brazil and has spread across the country.

The crack and oxygen are very similar, which may confound both those who perceive the drugs as those who consume it. But the new drug is more potent, more dangerous, more lethal and less expensive than the crack, which is highly detrimental.

The name comes from the abbreviation of oxidized, since the base substance (cocaine paste) passes through the oxidation process. The final mixture contains kerosene or petrol, lime and potassium permanganate.

Earlier this month, the police Denarc (Department of Narcotics in São Paulo) seized 60 kg cracolândia the center of the Capital, as reported by Folha de S. Paul. The stone of oxygen has been sold at R $ 2 reais, four times cheaper than crack.

X-ray drug
- The name comes from oxidized
- Mixture of cocaine base, kerosene or petrol, lime and potassium permanganate
- It is more lethal than crack
- Just like crack, oxygen is a stone smoked in a pipe
- The drug came from Bolivia and Peru and migrated to other areas
- It's more powerful, cheaper, more lethal and more dangerous than crack
- The secondary has the power dependency on first use

Users have headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constant vomiting. At least 30% of users will eventually die of oxygen per year, according to the Denarc.

Crack Effects and Oxi
The hallucinogenic effects are caused by the same crack. Both drugs increase the chances of heart attack and undermine the long term, the respiratory system. The Oxo is still harmful to the liver and kidneys to contain the gasoline composition. The effects are devastating: memory, concentration and self control are also affected.

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