What is Triglycerides

One can say that triglyceride is a fat storage in the body produced by excess food intake, either as carbohydrates or fats. Is deposited in adipose tissue, serving as insulation and shock absorber and fuel is also used in cases of fasting or exercise.

Over the years it will form a layer of fat around the artery and if the person happened to be careful not total obstruction of the arteries by age 40.

Ideal Level

Triglyceride levels should be below 150 mg / dl (milligrams per deciliter). The increase may lead to risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Not to exceed the rates, we recommend a diet based on fruits, vegetables and legumes; avoiding eating too much carbohydrate (sugar, honey, pies, ice cream, jelly, confectionery), too much fat (bacon, coconut, mayonnaise, chocolate, poultry skin, fatty meats) to control the intake of rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, cassava, wheat, corn and soft drinks in general.

NOTE: The rates much lower triglycerides should only worry when associated or combined with other nutritional deficiencies, but this is rare. The cases of excess is that merit attention.
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