Healthy eating fights cancer

Healthy living is a result of constant preventive procedure. Good food, for example, is essential from the earliest years of life. The visit to the doctor regularly, pay attention to body signals, physical exercise, avoid vices like smoking and alcohol are attitudes that help prevent the emergence of numerous diseases, including cancer.

Food deficient in nutrients and protective substances provides increased risk for cancer install itself on your body.

The main factors that increase the chances of occurrence of the disease are: low fiber intake and high levels of fats in the body.

The cancer preventive diet is made from fruit, vegetables and grains are low in fat and calories. It is also ideal for those suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes.

Want to keep the cancer away from you? Good nutrition and healthy habits can reduce your risk of many cancers.

Check out some valuable tips:

- Foods rich in iron (found in breast milk, beans, lentils, dark green leaves and red meats) make the blood strong and help prevent anemia. Should be eaten in combination with fruits rich in vitamin C (orange, lemon, acerola, cashew, for example). This combination - eating beans and make some lemonade, for example, is important, because vitamin C strengthens the body and helps in iron absorption.

- The same is not true for dairy products: calcium they contain prevent the body to extract iron from food. So, avoid taking milk and eating foods rich in iron at the same meal.

- Foods rich in vitamin A (the color green, yellow and orange) are great for vision and skin, and protects against diarrhea and some cancers.

It is estimated that 1 in 3 cases of cancer can be prevented by adopting a healthy diet, maintaining normal weight and physical activity throughout life.

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