What are Proteins?

Protein is a nutrient essential for the maintenance of our bodies and our health because it has enzymes and hormones that are substances essential for the proper functioning of the body.

You can find protein in foods of both plant and animal (fish, chicken, eggs, milk, beans, peas, oats, wheat, etc..

it is responsible for supplying amino acids for our body, which has the task of building and maintenance of the tissues that form our bodies. If missing proteins in our body, these functions are impaired.

In addition, people who do weight training and want to increase their muscles must ingest an optimal amount of protein per day, otherwise your results will be harmed.

The amount of protein recommended by the health ministry is 75 grams per day, but this varies by the person's body type (height, weight, age, physical exercise is practiced, etc.). Therefore, a registered dietitian or doctor and ask him the ideal amount of protein for you. This way your body work better and healthy way.
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