Youth dies in the attempt to join a game on Facebook

The joke that has gained adherents are known as 'planking' or set of lying.  Participants take pictures of themselves when lying down, as if they were a 'board', in various locations.

The young Australian, aged 20, died in the attempt to take a picture lying on the parapet of the 7th floor, then to put on Facebook.

According to Australian police, the causes of death are linked to the phenomenon. The success is such that there are many Facebook pages about the hobby or sport (as practitioners call activity). One has 167,381 followers.
The secret to gain attention in the network is to choose the most dangerous places or different.

Australian police had alerted to the dangers of Internet experience, after a couple have been photographed lying face down on the roof of a car.

The 'planking' has become increasingly dangerous since the photographs increasingly risky to continue the competition. One page of supporters on Facebook account with the following message (free translation):

"Planking is a hobby / sport shared by thousands of people around the world. Recently, a teenager died while practicing intoxicated. This should not mean the end of the 'planking'. Every sport has accidents. Rappel; jump with a parachute, cycling, ball sports, sports that involve motor and even walking can be dangerous if you are intoxicated! Please show your support to keep the 'planking' legal activity! Thank you!
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